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Regular examinations
"You don't need to brush all of your teeth . . .just the ones you want to keep." ~ Dental saying

Regular dental visits are important because they help keep your teeth and gums healthy. You should have a regular dental examinations at least every 6 months.

At Enriquez Dental we will check for cavities and to see if there is plaque or tartar on your teeth. If plaque and tartar build up on your teeth, they can cause oral diseases.  We will also check the health of your gums.  Healthy gums assist in the prevention of many diseases.  Then we check your tongue, throat, face, head, and neck. This is to look for any signs of trouble, swelling, or cancer.


In addition to the check up we will do a thorough cleaning.  This will help eliminate the build up of tartar and provide a teeth polishing.  

Cosmetic Dentistry
"...the smile is the beginning of love" ~ Mother Teresa

The skilled professionals at Enriquez Dental can help to improve your appearance, your smile, even your self-esteem, and confidence, by providing the proper diagnosis and treatments to improve your smile. 


Cosmetic dentistry procedures we provide are:


  • Teeth whitening

  • Bonding

  • Fillings

  • Veneers

  • Invisalign

  • Dental implants

Restorative Dentistry
"Every Tooth in a man's head is more valuable than a diamond." ~ Miguel de Cervantes

At Enriquez Dental we provide comprehensive restorative dentistry for patients who suffer from common oral health problems that require necessary care. These procedures involve the diagnosis and treatment of conditions effecting the teeth, gums, jaw and face. 


The state of the art restorative dental treatments we provide are:


  • Dental Crowns

  • Bridgework

  • Implants

  • Full mouth restoration

  • Dentures

Dr. Enriquez proudly offers Invisalign® to patients who want to have straighter teeth.  Having a beautiful, straight smile offers health benefits far beyond a your appearance.   Invisalign® is a great option for discreetly and effectively straightening teeth. 



Waterlase by Biolase is one of the world's most advanced laser dental treatments available.  Enriquez Dental is proud to offer this comfortable method for many treatments performed here.  Some of the benefits include:

  • Reduces stress and fear of going to dentist

  • Avoids the stress of drills and needles

  • Minimally invasive

  • Return to daily routine faster after treatment

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